8-Bit Complete SFX & UI - New Sound Library Available!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This library was a pleasure to create and has been in the making for a few years now. I personally love the nostalgia for old game systems, the simple form of the mechanics and even more so the aesthetic of those classic low-fi sounds! There’s been so many incredible advancements in game development and game audio since those early years of console gaming, but I’ve noticed a trending homage to where it all began with some retro revival game genres coming about. This library is also an honoring nod to that, and was created used some old and some new tools to achieve a slightly advanced yet completely nostalgic feel.

In this library, I’ve created and compiled 819 unique sound effects capable of covering an entire game’s soundscape with warm analog and perfectly nostalgic 8 bit sounds.  Simply perfect for any retro, spacey, sci-fi game projects. I've covered all the bases necessary with sounds for UI, attacks, weapons, collections, achievements, menus, lasers, bleeps, bloops, bombs, impacts, jumps, magic, spells, stun guns, connections, disconnections, notifications, machine engaging, summoning, whooshing, powering up, powering down, and so much more!

Tools Used

As I mentioned, my goal was to capture the nostalgia and heart of those retro sonics, so a lot of the gear I used is from that era or replicates it. Out of the box hardware included Dave Instruments Prophet 08, Elektron Analog Four Voice, Roland TR8 and a friend’s incredibly extensive modular synth array. In the box, a plethora of patches including Chiptune Synth, Chipsounds and more. Furthermore, I repurposed/tweaked/screwed other specific sound effects from my personal collection with 8-Bit remodeling software and other nostalgia driving VSTs.

Hear the Demo for Yourself!

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About the Author

Chris is a veteran audio professional who has won multiple awards for his work and brings an unwavering passion to his craft. He has created and programmed sound for toys, games, prototype products, records, apps, film, tv, commercials and more!

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