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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

In this odd time we find ourselves in, I personally have tried my best to look at the positive sides of all of it. With this I've begun writing about varies audio related topics, oddities, techniques etc, and have since decided to start a blog shared these ideas with the world.

What can you expect from me?

You can expect to hear concepts on field recording, game audio, sound design, music industry, mixing techniques, dsp signal processing, production workflows, audio middleware, audio related tips & tricks, the office related comedy, and much more! Enjoy! :)

I would love to create meaningful discussions with this, so please feel free to share your opinions, comment on posts, or voice any questions you may have or what to hear more about!

About the Author

Chris is a veteran audio professional who has won multiple awards for his work and brings an unwavering passion to his craft. He has created and programmed sound for toys, games, prototype products, records, apps, film, tv, commercials and more!

Need some fresh sounds for your next project, check out my sound libraries available! If you need custom-tailored, incredibly unique sounds, look no further, just contact me and I would be happy to connect and share how I can support any of your audio needs!

Are you a sound designer, music composer or audio producer just starting out? Trying to make a name for yourself? Have you been struggling to find, maintain and grow your client base? With 12+ years of both freelance and large studio audio design, music composition, and audio engineering, I can help you craft your skills and expertise and arm you with the tools and skills to grow and maintain a high-quality client base. Don't be off-put by the vast amount of people saying there is no future in audio, that is simply not true! Yes, the industry has changed and is vastly evolved, but there will always continue to be a need for incredible interactive audio experiences. The experience of any piece of entertainment should stimulate all senses and draw the viewer/player deeper and more immersed into the story, and without audio, there is no story. I can help you, your journey awaits!


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