/-\§TЯ/-\L - Otherworldly Spirts, Abstract Atmospheres & Soundscapes

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The Concept

Targeting the mystical and magical moments of a game, I sought out to create a library that can captivate and entrench the user in an otherworldly aura of soundscape. The moments when you step into the witch’s lair, or land on a new planet, or upon the arrival of magical sprites, is when this library takes things to the next level. A complete dive into the abstraction of textural soundscapes and magnificent ethereal atmospheres and spirits.

The Process

I started with analog synthesis, using my Dave Instruments Prophet 08 and the Elektron Analog Four Voice. Experimenting with textural soundscapes was a very enticing experiment. Then when I linked these synths to the Arturia Beat Step Pro sequencer, things really became interesting. This gave the ability to automate sequences and modify them on the fly, really giving new life to the patches in these synthesizers, and a new way to perform with these instruments. Ultimately, I also began to include some in the box synthesis as well to enrich these sounds even further into a magical and deeply evolving multi-layered textural soundscape.

The Outcome

This library contains a great amount of magical and otherworldly spirit textures, abstract atmospheres and beautifully paranormal drenched soundscapes that will transport you to magically soaked ethereal landscape. Perfect for sci-fi, magical, mystic & enchanting game atmospheres. To a place where sorcerers, witches, wizards and warlocks rule the land. Support your game or film with textural elements that provide bliss and horror in their celestial magnificence. Complete with 100 different textures, adding up to 23 total minutes worth of mysterious soundscapes and atmospheric elements.

Organized by mood and style, you'll also find the key / chord associated as well with any tonal based textures to be sure you're matching the key of any other paired elements.

Hear It For Yourself!

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About the Author

Chris is a veteran audio professional who has won multiple awards for his work and brings an unwavering passion to his craft. He has created and programmed sound for toys, games, prototype products, records, apps, film, tv, commercials and more!

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